BUSINESS / Introduction Of Business

About Us
About Us

JTL continues to be selected by many customers.
We promise reliable services realized by staff having
expert knowledge in the evaluation technology field.


Our main business activities are evaluation data services
related to measurement/testing/analysis,
consultation services for evaluation technology,
and design/manufacturing services for evaluation facilities.

MESSAGE / Management Philosophy

We contribute to the improvement of manufacturers'
development capabilities with our evaluation technology.

We make constant efforts to provide our customers with high quality evaluation data in
goodwill with deliberate attention and also create/provide new evaluation
technologies established together jointly with our
customers so as to contribute to the further development of the manufacturing industry.

OFFICES / Our Offices Introduction

  • Headquarters

  • Toyota Office

  • Nagoya Office

  • Kasugai Office

  • Kanagawa Office

  • Osaka Office

  • Kobe Office

  • JTL America, Inc.

NEWS / What's New

  • 2016.12.01We exhibited in "1st Nagoya Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo".
  • 2016.12.01It was renewed WEB site.