Three Evaluation Areas Provided by JTL

Our main business activities are providing technical services used to evaluate the reliability of products being developed.

In addition to providing evaluation data as per standard or specification, we can also make proposals regarding the methods, conditions, and equipment that best suit the evaluation aims, while also designing and manufacturing any original equipment and jigs necessary in nonstandard evaluations.
We can provide comprehensive coverage of three different evaluation technologies, that include measurements, tests, and analysis, and are thus capable of fulfilling multiple tasks involving different facilities, and proposing even more diverse evaluation methods.

Measurement Business

We cope with various needs related to product precision measurement based on our wide range of accumulated knowledge and equipment capacity which only a commissioned company could offer.

JTL is capable of optimal measurement for a variety of processes such as die-casting, resin molding, pressing, and cut parts. We respond to customer requirements in all areas, including precision measurement under temperature control and onsite measurement. We handle a broad range of needs ranging from individual measurements using manual procedures to multiple measurements using automatic programs, and installation of automatic measurement programs in customer's lineside measurement equipment.

Precision Measurement

We precisely measure part dimensions using the stationary precision measuring instrument in thermostatic chambers.

Major Equipment

Three coordinate measuring machine, Image measuring machine, Measuring microscope, Profilometer, Roundness measuring machine, Contour shape measuring machine, Surface roughness measuring machine

Non-contact Measurements

The advantages provided by the characteristics of non-contact methods enable shapes, parts, and materials to be measured, which is impossible via any contact method.

Major Equipment

X-ray CT, Optical 3D digitizer

Program Installation

We create automatic measurement programs and install them in customer's lineside measurement equipment.

Major Equipment

Various software of Tokyo Seimitsu, Mitutoyo, Leitz, and Hexagon

Onsite Measurement

We perform onsite measurement for large parts, facilities, and other objects which cannot be transported.

Major Equipment

Optical 3D digitizer, 3D laser scanner, Portable coordinate measuring machine

Testing Business

We have one-stop solutions available with regard to reliability tests linked to research and development, and from jig manufacture and preparation through to specification/special tests.

We support a wide range of tests which replicate the stress existing in the product usage environment. Not only can we evaluate the mechanical properties of materials, but we can also handle evaluation of product forming devices by using tension/compression testers, fatigue testers, electrical testers, etc. We have acquired ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification for our vibrating tests, thus ensuring reliable quality and technical capability meeting international standards.

Vibration Test

We perform vibration durability tests meeting product characteristics and actual service conditions.

Major Equipment

Vibration testing system,Impact and vibration testing system, CAE analysis

Environmental and Electrical Tests

We can fulfill various environmental and electrical reliability tests as reliability tests, and then combined evaluations from the test results.

Major Equipment

Thermal shock testing machine, Constant temperature and humidity testing machine, Salt spray testing machine, Combined cycle testing machine, Water resistance testing machine, Dust testing machine, Gas corrosion testing machine, Xenon weather meter, Discharge and charge testers, Electrical testers

Material Test

We handle all facets of test piece processing, jig manufacturing, and studying results of material's mechanical characteristics.

Major Equipment

Tension and compression testing machine, Creep testing machine, Fatigue testing machine, Fatigue durability evaluation system, Frictional wear testing machine (ball-on disc method), Bond tester, Infrared thermography, Hardness tester

Customized Tests

For requirements for nonstandard testing, we offer comprehensive solutions that include test method proposals, fabrication of equipment/jigs and performance of any such required tests.

Analysis Business

Regardless of whether the evaluation sample is organic or inorganic, we can provide support in consistent evaluation ranging from analysis point identification through to sample preparation/observation/analysis.

We provide integrated support ranging from advanced sample preparation using precision grinding, ion milling, and microtomes to observation/analysis using SEM, EPMA, etc. JTL can also perform non-destructive observations of internal structures by using acoustic microscopes and X-ray inspection devices.
Also, in the field of chemical analysis, we conduct various analyses for target components, elements and ions by using HPLC, GC, ICP, FT-IR, etc.

Non-destructive Analysis

We investigate/offer information of product internal structure which can be obtained only by non-destructive analysis.

Major Equipment

SAT, X-ray equipment, X-ray computed tomograph equipment, X-ray residual stress measuring machine

Sample Preparation

Our advanced and versatile sample adjustment technology realizes analysis of micro joining areas.

Major Equipment

FIB, Ion milling equipment, Microtome, Laser opening device, Chemical liquid opening device, Polisher, Precision cutting machine

Physical Analysis

We offer information of sample conditions using various types of observation and analysis equipment.

Major Equipment

FE-EPMA, XRF, RBS/ERDA, ESCA/XPS, SIMS, AFM, Nano indentation, FE-SEM, SEM, Digital microscope, Metallographic microscope, STEM, TEM, Raman, XRD

Chemical Analysis

We handle elementary analysis for metals, outgassing analysis, measurement of drug concentrations in biological samples, etc.

Major Equipment

IC, GC, HPLC, GC - MS, GC - MS / MS, LC - MS, LC - MS / MS, ICP - MS, ICP - AES, FT - IR, Microplate Readers


Reverse Engineering

Mesh data acquired using 3D scanners and X-ray CT is used to create 3D CAD models.

Major Equipment

Reverse software (Geomagic DesignX), 3DCAD (Rhinoceros, SolidWorks)

CAE Analysis

We can ensure comprehensive verification through structural analysis combined with actual testing; for example vibration and defect reproduction tests.

Major Equipment

Analysis software (Hyper Works, Femap with NX Nastran, ANSYS, STREAM, SCRYU/Tetra, 3D-TIMON)

Design and Manufacture of Test Specimens and Jigs

We can also undertake test specimen machining as well as the design and fabrication of jigs, which are essential in evaluation preparation.

Major Equipment

5-axis machining center, NC milling machine, Boring machine, CNC lathe, Center lathe, Surface grinding machine, Radial drilling machine, Water jet, Wire electric discharge machine, Vertical saw machine, Micro cutter

Prototyping Assistance

Prototypes according to your required specifications can of course be manufactured.

Major Equipment

Prototyping of bonded products, Prototyping of lithium-ion batteries, 3D printer

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