Website Policy

Website Policy

Recommended Browsers

Recommended browsers:
[Windows] Latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome
[Mac] Latest version of Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox

Smart phone
[Android] OS: 6.0 or later / Browser: Any browser preinstalled with the OS
[iOS (iPhone)] OS: 10 or later / Browser: Any browser preinstalled with the OS

* Using an iPad is not recommended.

About use of cookies

In order to improve the ease of use of this website, we use "cookies." Cookies allow us to provide the users with comfortable access and to analyze the website traffic, thereby helping us improve the website. We use cookies on the website only for the purposes stated above. No cookies are used to personally identify any visitors to the website.

About use of JavaScript

In order to ensure more comfortable use of this website, its pages contain views and functions using JavaScript. We recommend you to enable JavaScript so that various content in those pages can be used. If you access the website without enabling JavaScript, some pages may be displayed in an unexpected way.

* JavaScript is enabled by default in the browsers mentioned above.

About use of style sheets

This website uses style sheets for displaying HTML content. If you use a browser that does not support style sheets, or access the website without enabling them, some pages of the website may not be correctly displayed.

About PDF

PDF files are contained in this website. In order to view PDF pages, you need the Adobe Reader plugin. If you have not installed it yet, you can download it from the link below.

Download Adobe Reader from here.

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